Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kokpar Videos!

Jake, I, and other volunteers, pretending to be the press (though nobody actually asked us what we were doing), left the stands to go down onto the Kokpar field in Shymkent this Nauryz. For those who weren't reading this blog last year, Kokpar is the traditional Kazakh goat-carcass polo game, variants of which exist all over Central Asia. The players are all on horseback, and they compete to throw a goat carcass into dug-outs on either side of a playing field.

This year, because I was so close, I got a lot of great pictures, and even took some videos. These two videos show most of the play for one of Sairam's two goals during the game, from the beginning where two riders vie to take the goat out of the starting circle, to the general melee that ensues after the goat has left the circle, to the goat-goal itself. Sairam won the day, beating Shymkent in a 2-0 upset.

Video 1

Video 2


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